Follow the journey – see what happened at SKTWK 2022 in Frankfurt am Main. Here you’ll find all the videos of the SKTWK days and all the results and, most important, all the good memories. We’re starting with the Saturday highlights and then go back in time. 

Enjoy and see you next year.


Best Trick, Bowl

Lorenz Schneider, Slob Fast Plant

David Bachl, Bluntslide

Cory Juneau, Nosegrind

Bowling Cup, Finals


1. Vanessa Konte

2. Umay Demir

3. lena Wegehaupt


1. Cory Juneau

2. Raphael Aniol

3. Rüdiger Sauff

Best Trick, Street

…and the winners are:

Melika Nazari, Kickflip

Corey Juneau, Fs Barley Grind

Gustavo Dos Anjos, Nollie Flip Crooks

Best Line, Street

…and the winners are:

Hugo Corbin, Bs 270 Lip + Fs Tailslide Biggie + Bs 360 No-Comply

Brandon Valjallo, Impossible Lip + Kickflip

Denny Pham, Nollie 180 Sw Crooks + Sw Bigspin

Lea Schairer – Line Queen

Arthur Cordova, Line King 


Warm UP

…and the winners are:

Jelle Maatman, Lipslide

Hugo Carbin, Boardslide Nosemanny Revert

Arthur Cordova, Bluntslide

Daniel Ledermann, Fs Boardslide


…and the winners are:

Umay, Kickflip

Justin Sommer, Fakie 5-0 Fakie Flip

Tim Janke, Fs Feeble Bs 180

Brandon Valjallo, Bigspin Backtail Bigspin

Aelx Risvad, Sw Tailslide 270 Heel

Fabian Michel, Kickflip Boardslide

Hugo Corbin, Bs 270 Lipslide Bs 270 Out

Gustavo Dos Anjos, Nollie Flip Crooks

Melika  Nazari, Kickflip

Lea Schairer, Smith Grind

Arthur Cordova, Fs Bluntslide Flip Out


Rave Race

…and the winners are:

Boys // Joscha Aicher & Lorenz Schneider – 12,00 sec

Girls // Lea Schairer – 17,05 sec

Switch // Joscha Aicher – 14,31 sec

Ski foan // Simon Gärtner – 14,70 sec

'Rail Around The Corner'

…and the winners are:

Leon Matheisl, Feeble

Jelle Maatman, Lipslide

Daniel Ledermann, Bs Bigspin

Tabo Löchelt, Smith Grind

Alec Majerus, Nosegrind 

Antoni Zeyer, Fs Shove-It

Arthur Cordova, Fs Flip

Maurice, Commitment


…and the winners are:

Jean Wefeld, Flip Backlip

Hugo Corbin, Bs 360

Brandon Valjallo, Impossible 50-50

Justin Sommer, Laser Flip

Alex Ullmann, Wallie feeble

Maya, Kickflip

Luis Kohl, Crooks Nollie Flip Out

André Gerlich, Wallie 180 Sw Manny

Vanessa Konte, Sw Pop Shuve-It

Denny Pham, Sw Fs Heel

Sascha Scharf, Bs 360

Carolina Gamboa, Nosepick

Leon Matheisl, Fs 360


Art Show Vernissage feat. Clara Knoer, Lucas Beaufort, Marcel Veldman, Ian Waelder, Carolina Gamboa and Maily Beyrens.