Info for participants


SKTWK Sessions

All skaters (male, female or divers) who want to skate at the SKTWK sessions, this is what you need to know:



  1. Watch out for our SKTWK registration bike around the spot (the bike will be around every spot according to our SKTWK schedule)
  2. Sign the disclaimer. If you’re under 18 please download it now and bring it to the session. The entry fee is 10 €.
  3. Once you signed up, you’ll get a wristband that allows you to take part at all  sessions all SKTWK long, except the BOWLING CUP.



  1. Sessions will mainly be held as open best trick / best line / best whatever sessions. No runs, no particular order
  2. If we feel that the sessions are turning out to be more chaotic than expected, we’ll split up into heats according to the color of your wristband (so better don’t loose your wristband).
  3. A team of 3 judges is going note and discuss together about the best tricks and the most outstanding skaters of each session.
  4. All winners will be announced at SKTWK Awards on Saturday night
  5. Important info for female and non-binary skaters: you will be able to choose whether you want to skate in female only or mixed jam at the registration. In any case you will be judged separately.


Female and Non-Binary skaters

  1. Female and Non-Binary participants will be able to choose whether you want to skate in female only or mixed heats at the registration.
  2. The format, the judging and the winner announcement will be the same, but you will be judged separately of course.


Back to Study (Team Challenge)

  1. Put together a team of 5 friends and come to Bonkers, Thursday 20:00 for signing up
  2. We’ll do an onboarding for everyone and explain the rules and whole procedure over there.
  3. If you would like to do us a favour and help to speed up the registration process, please download the Shinner App and create an account


Bowling Cup



  1. Registration for BOWLING CUP is open on Saturday, from 13:00-14:00.
  2. You’ll need to sign the disclaimer and fill the registration form. If you’re under 18 please download it now and bring it to the skatepark. The entry fee is 20 €.
  3. If you already signed up for street, it’s 10 € only.



  1. SKTWK Bowling Cup will be held as organized Jam Session format.
  2. Depending on the total number of participants, we’ll have Heats with 5-10 skaters that will share 10-12 minutes jams together
  3. As soon as finished his line or bailed, the next participant is allowed to drop in right away in a pre-fixed order.
  4. Skate together – the jams might be mixed, but male and female skaters will get judged separately.
  5. There will be Qualification Jams and one Final Jam.



Prize Money

This is how the total prize money of 10.000 € will be roughly split on the sessions:



Euro Ledge Session – 2.000 €

Rail Around the Corner – 1.500 €



Back to Class Crew Challenge – 3.000 €



Bowling Cup – 2.500 €

Street Best Trick – 1.000 €


General rules

  1. Be nice and kind to each other, treat everyone with respect. It’s fun first, for everyone!
  2. Also treat the city and the spot with respect. Don’t leave any garbage behind, etc. 
  3. the rules and formats can be changed by the organizers spontaneously at all time. Possible reason could be due to weather conditions or the unforeseeable nature of skateboarding in general.